Eclipse season has arrived. Not only do we have a bunch of planets in retrograde, but we are stepping into eclipse season starting with the lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on June 5, 2020.

Full moons are always moments of tension whether they be experienced as something more positive or negative. Emotions are heightened, you are able to see things that you may not have seen before, and things can come to a head and/or things can be eclipsed out of your life.

I spoke about Mars in my previous video and how it would be causing an extreme propensity to act on feelings, emotions, and instincts when you may not be getting the full picture.

Matters of love and finance are up for grabs.

Things that would soften this energy include new research, fresh perspectives, and open logical communication.

Watch your EGO! Your feelings are not facts and when you do turn to facts, deciphering them will require finesse because you will be required to toggle back and forth to integrate what’s currently happening vs the bigger vision. How can you apply everything you’ve been thinking about and learning in order to actually walk your talk?

Never stop learning. Never stop seeking the truth. It’s about flexibility of the mind, of knowledge, as well as embodying the curiosity to TRY things and not be married to the outcome or on a certain philosophy because you may find that you change your mind quite frequently.

Also, what works for you may not work for others. Do you and stop worrying about other people’s journey and healing and focus on your own ISH. There is plenty of work for you to do on your own.

Watch my New Moon in Gemini reading because a lot of that energy is still applicable. Your luck and your opportunities lie within personal mastery 1sr and pouring your increased passions and efforts into a passion project.

Changes are still happening. Restructure is still happening. Aligning with your truth and walking the path of your ideal self is still favored.

Your opportunities lie in the following but you have to be the catalyst for the opportunities to materialize so listen up.

  • You may feel more compiled to focus on a cause or the greater collective (watch the ego and dogma though). Strong beliefs + emotionally charged energy could = eruption or pressure release from the pressure cooker that I saw and mentioned in the last video.




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