Faith vs Fear- Do you really have faith?

Faith is a word that we all throw around and claim to have but seldom really LIVE because when life gets hard or is not moving the way that we want it to and on our timeline, we often start to figure out ways to hustle more or control a situation to turn out in our favor. Now don’t get me wrong, I preach that we should take inspired action but when we truly have done as much as we can or SHOULD and are still trying to exert our will upon a certain situation or outcome, at what point can we recognize that we have lost faith in something bigger than ourselves? At what point can we admit that we have a lack of complete trust and confidence in our spiritual principles and the higher power that we believe in to help us co-create that which we desire.

I know I have been guilty of losing faith…. Have you?

When things haven’t gone my way, I have been guilty of shifting from having faith in my spiritual principles, even though I know they work, and moving into acting out of fear. One way that I have been able to catch myself is by checking in with how I feel and the minute I shift from believing that something I feel in my heart is meant for me to feeling fear that I won’t get my desire or feeling that I won’t manifest what I want so I keep pushing and pushing…. That is my clue that I have shifted from living a life based on faith to living a life based on fear…. Something that will most definitely not help my manifestations.

For me, the quickest way that I am able to shift back into a place of faith — I move from fear to complete trust and confidence — is by purposely taking some time to connect with my spiritual principles and I instantly know that in times that I couldn’t believe that life would get better, it did. And if it did then, it will again. That is what calms me and leads me back to a place of feeling grounded and centered and from that space, the answers come.

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