How Mercury Retrograde- January 2021 Affects You

Yashica's Intuition
4 min readJan 31, 2021


Our first Mercury Retrograde starts officially from Jan 30th to Feb 20th with some shadow periods already in progress so we truly aren’t out of the Retrograde until March.

Our feelings and our emotions are not on the same page with this Mercury retrograde and it will create a contrasting energy that you will have to be ready to navigate if you want to realize the opportunity within this Mercury Retrograde. This involves trying to find a way to merge these energies so that you land somewhere in the middle of what can seem to be opposite ends of the spectrum. In this case, there is Virgo and Aquarius energy that we need to be aware of. It is a very frustrating energy so cooperation is the key.

So… here you have these energies that you need to try to balance out. Virgo is this Earth energy that is very practical and likes to make things useful so that they can be of service to us and/or so we can be of service to others. Therefore, people say that Virgo is attached to a sense of discernment. Virgo is a judgmental energy that wants to classify and organize things in order to understand things down to the detail, thru that comprehension, correct what needs to be improved, and in an effort to evolve, on the spiritual plane into a “guru” of some sort, take a refined, detoxified product and use it to make things better in some way. On a spiritual level, link it to your mind, body, and soul. On a daily level, link it to your work, your routine… that type of thing. It is a beautiful energy but when done wrong, it can manifest as worrying, anxiety, hypochondriac tendencies, perfectionism, self-criticism and more.

Aquarius, on the other hand, is seeking liberation from conditioning. I also feel that this is where we find the connection to the collective consciousness. This energy is about you breaking free from the ties that bind you and finally feeling comfortable enough to embrace your unique and beautiful self. On a large scale, this rebellious nature can lead to multiple good and bad outcomes in society at large, but as always, I want you to focus on the things that lie closer your circle of control which means that with this particular energy, it will be important to pay attention to your thoughts. I feel like Mercury will be supercharged to skim the collective consciousness for all of the data, like inputting or downloading information In order to enact betterment or improvement in some way but where I see it getting cloudy is making sure that with this type of energy, you slow down and look to Virgo to put it in metaphorical file folders, review it, and try to make sense of it.

You are not a computer that stores data, you are an amazing human being that has access to all there was and what will be and the most fascinating thing about this retrograde is that I think if you slow down, you can make this info work for you here on Earth. Aquarius is next level and super objective and Virgo is practical, so I feel like the key here is to slow down, again… get out of the feels, and learn how to comprehend what will be revealed and use what you have learned to make improvements towards your hopes, dreams, desires. Your feelings and opinions of others (basically feelings of others) can make things super cloudy. For more information, listen to the podcast I released earlier this week. Take what is revealed and develop a plan for getting what you want and don’t worry so much about bringing others along or convincing others.

Be comfortable being yourself and spending some time sorting through your own growth and evolutions and taking action based on DOING BETTER AND BEING BETTER. If you want to be defensive about anything… do that!

Being defensive, just so we are clear, means that you take a stance right now where you do you and the only actions that you really need to take in response to your outside world are actions that help you defend your growth and defend your power and your potential. Not defending yourself with all the feels. It may mean, in the realm of thoughts, though, that a defensive stance also requires you to be willing to defend yourself from old thoughts from limiting beliefs that hold you back.

This energy is all about being the highest version of yourself in mind body soul and THOUGHTS and focusing that energy on creating your hopes and dreams. If you are finding yourself struggling or in need of adjusting, this is what this energy is for. Turn in and tap into the infinite wisdom available to you and use it to skyrocket your life and your vision beyond the limits of what you think is possible.

Because this information could trigger all the things that aren’t intuition but feel like it, I recommend your next step be to take this wonderful class all about intuition if you are confused on what your intuition is and how to really hear your intuition. You will need to pay attention to it accurately because the consequences of acting off of these other energies that are often mistaken for intuition when they aren’t for your highest and best good could be detrimental moving forward.


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