How the full moon in leo, sun and jupiter conjunction, and mercury retrograde of Jan 2021 will impact you

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5 min readJan 26, 2021


There will be a full moon on January 28th that heralds in a shift in the energy that I have been reporting to you since the middle of December 2020. It’s all good though because I know that if you are here, you want to be prepared because you value the importance of living a rich and meaningful life. The new year energy started in December… the universe doesn’t work on our manmade clock. You were given a boost early to step into the new year right because there is some challenging energy now coming up that you will need to be aware of. For one, at the time of this post, you are already in, what I consider, retrograde energy. And now, with this tense Full Moon in Leo and the lucky Sun conjunct Jupiter energy, I just want to make sure you are prepared.

What the Full Moon in Leo January 2021 means for you

The moon is in Leo, a sign that is all about tapping into your creative power and living from the heart and it’s at odds with the Sun in Aquarius is all about liberation of the mind from boundaries of all kinds. At first I thought this could be a tug of war between coordinating your mind and heart to move in the same direction towards your intentions then as I thought about it… because they are both such strong energies,this could look like strong will, strong egos, a strong urge to think you are right and demand freedom in some way from something that feels oppressive, but it may be done in a way that could be angry or aggressive so also watch out for that. The other side of this coin though, is that nobody has to back what you want to create or validate you and that reaction could fall on deaf ears because, as I always say, feelings are subjective and normally don’t align with the whole truth and Aquarius is not checking for the feels. It is super objective.

The Moon in Leo can create this fire within you to act in order to express yourself in some way, good or bad and it also has this drama with it that makes it want to be on the stage and be noticed while the air orientation of the Sun in Aquarius is not checking for that at all. The Aquarius energy is all about learning to be and doesn’t seek approval from anyone.

The lesson in this aspect…The people and circumstances that are right for your growth and evolution will appear. How can you be your authentic self, create from the heart, and know that by you living with meaning and purpose, you to matter and you are a unique light in society and you are part of the whole just by living your life to the fullest with meaning, purpose, and tapping into your creative self expression.

Mars is not playing well with this energy and triggering the feels even more so you may feel super emotional. This again, means that you have to find the balance between the heart and the mind before acting and learn how to temper the human propensity to move through life based on feelings and know that if you want to bring your creative vision to life, some detachment and some objectivity and level headedness may be involved. F — K how you feel, what is the right thing to do and WHAT IS THE RIGHT WAY TO DO IT?

The Sun is in here too just adding challenges and tests to the fire for you to potentially pop off, be assertive and strategic about defending your vision when you need to but if you don’t, just do the work to move your own life forward and worry about yourself *see my thoughts on Leo & Aquarius* — this is still considered shining your light and contributing no matter what society would like to have you believe as it tries to wrap you up in polarizing issues that further divide us and dissipate our power as a collective OR on a personal level, split your power down the middle instead of you channeling your full power in one direction.

Don’t make dumb decisions, don’t make rash decisions, don’t be thirsty… just do the damn work and do it the right way lest attract some undesirable situations. Some of the stuff that you are going through needs time to manifest or get better. Compromising and settling for less and not coming from your higher self will put you at jeopardy.

Uranus is squaring damn near everything… kind of… so expect unexpected emotions, truths, changes, ego trips, and the key here is to move slow to move fast and remain agile. Don’t try to ignore or escape what comes up, roll with it and continue on with your strategic actions forward and acting from your higher self. You will prevail.

Now let’s talk about the concurrent juice…

What does the Sun Conjunct Jupiter mean for you

Let’s think about this… so you have ultimate heart and ultimate mind together available and if you can overcome the challenges of this full moon that I mentioned. Think of where that will take you when you are aligned… anywhere. Live big, think big, express yourself in a way that aligns with your hopes and dreams… this = unlocking magic. This is an expansive energy that even if you don’t notice it in the immediacy, you can plant seeds that unlock abundance and prosperity in the future. Although Jupiter is lucky, it technically should be considered an expander which makes luck subjective because all the challenging things related to how the sun plays in this mix could be expanded. As with all “lucky” situations, the choice is yours. You also will need to keep in mind that every action has an equal and opposite reaction so in order to trigger receiving abundance, you may have to be prepared to give abundantly. Don’t be scared but be smart and prepared… heeeyyyy… I rhymed, lol. Lastly, I wanna fill you in on Mercury Retrograde.

All about the Mercury Retrograde of January 2021

The key dates of this retrograde are Jan 30, 2021 to Feb 20, 2021. I teach my community to add a week before and after. I looked at the chart and there are challenges galore so stay on point with communication and avoid tech investments. Focus on tweaking the lessons you’ve learned over the past 2–3 years, re-strategizing your success plan, reconnecting with your tribe, reflect on your challenges to overcome them from a more level headed perspective, and more. I may have to do a whole nother post about how you can prepare for this January 2021 retrograde with all that I see, so stay tuned!

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