How the Full Moon in Virgo February 2021 impacts you

Yashica's Intuition
4 min readFeb 28, 2021


Whenever there is a Full Moon, the Sun is Opposite the Moon which means they are not moving in alignment. If you think about what that could mean, it means the conscious and subconscious… or the heart and mind… may not be in alignment. I have spoken about this numerous times so if you want to know more about it, you can visit this article. The bottom line, though, is that there is tension. I believe this is tension between the physical world you experience with your senses vs the spiritual world that you can’t often explain with manmade laws.

The energy doesn’t necessarily mean that it feels different but that it may be expressed differently and the key for you is to strive for balance between the expression of Virgo and Pisces… both energies that want things to be ideal in their own ways. The ideal expression of the spirit and the all or the ideal expression of the practical, mundane everyday life.

The balance that you should be looking for is to bring heaven to earth and make it useful. Navigating life is never going to be as perfect as we want it to be so avoiding escapism, drugs & alcohol, depression, perfection, anxiety…. All of the things that cause us not to be present and lead to heightened inaction… those are to be avoided.

Venus and the Sun are bringing to your awareness more peace, harmony, and positivity with love. You are able to recognize and understand how to bring more love and romance into your life, tap into creativity, and use it to help you make money or do something positive in a practical way. This is a time where you are more attractive than usual and a time where you can make things more beautiful than usual… think decorating. It is very sensual so watch out for sacrificing your boundaries or overdoing things.

I feel like the uplifting parts of this transit will be felt if you are comfortable being true to yourself and not willing to make decisions that you know aren’t right for you for the sake of getting your emotional needs met… your feelings will usually be deceptive when you aren’t in a healthy place.

This can then also trigger issues in crappy relationships or circumstances so that you can address them in an appropriate way.

If you struggle with transcending your emotions to approach your life in a way that I teach that’s connected to mastery and self awareness and self discipline, then you will need to be careful that you don’t try to self soothe in an unhealthy manner.

Jupiter and Mercury are playing well together bringing positive energy to your hopes and dreams. There is optimism and positive thinking here and as you integrate things that heighten your focus on your hopes and dreams, you will find that positive results will follow.

I love this for future hopes and plans and you may find that if you’ve been in a slump, that ideas start coming left and right so be prepared to write them down. You may find it harder to be present because you will be so distracted in your own world so make sure you allow yourself, and others, grace. As I have stated before, this energy will mean that you think more strategically and deliberately before acting and maintain more discipline over your thoughts since they control things.

Uranus and this Full Moon may bring some intuition that a change is coming even if you don’t know what it is. I feel like since the energy is positive so don’t be afraid to step outside of the box and do things a little different than you normally would. If you are one that is connected to your intuition, it could steer you towards some positive incidences. This is an energy that I also see as bringing in unexpected positivity and instances in love and finances.

If you have struggled to get rid of things that don’t serve you and adopt things that will propel you towards what you intend to have in your life. Let go, detox your mind, body, and spirit. The thing about flowing with energy is that it will be easier to do it in this season than if you had only relied on your own willpower.

To take advantage of this pop of luck fully, please don’t be afraid to bring in structure and discipline where you need it but to also shake things up when needed. Also, remember to trust that you are on the right track even if you don’t see evidence when and how you think you should IF you are honest with yourself about living life in alignment with your vision.

For all the stumbles I see, I also see that your mind is pointed towards a better future for yourself, you feel more confident and assertive to take action in that direction, and luck is on your side… all this is possible if you are moving in the direction towards a life of meaning and purpose and not being delusional trying to hold onto what doesn’t serve you.

Now for next steps, If you would like to learn more about how you can learn how to manifest with the power of this full moon and also learn how to use the new moon to manifest, the next step would be for you to check out this FREE Manifesting with the Moon Class