How this full moon march 2021 will impact you

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6 min readMar 28, 2021


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Now if you love details and want to get into the meat of the information… Let’s go!

This is an interesting full moon where we continue the trends that I have noticed since last year regarding love and money. I see lots of promise and opportunity again so for sure I will get into all of that, but first, I want to tell you about some challenges you need to overcome if you want to make sure to be able to tap into some of the luck that is on offer to you with this Full Moon that we just had March 28, 2021 at 11:28am PST.

The first challenge I see is between your passion or your desire and your mind. What I see here is that your passion and your creative energy is not as focused as it normally could be and the consequence of this can be acting before you fully understand what is going on or to act impulsively or out of anger.

If life feels a little boring or stale, in its worst expression, it can have you doing things to bring excitement into your life and with the aspect that I see here, I am not sure that it will be a good thing if you don’t do this consciously. Especially since right now your mind is so open to a variety of information sources that it can feel hard to cut through all the noise to see or feel what’s real and what isn’t.

Instead of popping off or getting your feelings hurt if someone pops off at you, because I do see the possibility of hurtful things being said or being emotionally triggered by words. The key is to take a step back and try to approach things with patience and understanding. Your thoughts aren’t securely rooted right now and neither are your underlying passions or drive so you could find yourself getting spun up about things that seem worth it in the short term but have consequences in the longer term.

Saturn and Uranus are still in a tense angle for most of the year, but again the key is to actually relax, take a step back, and ask yourself if you are moving in a direction or behaving in a way that’s for your highest and best good. No one or no thing needs to cede to you, if what you are doing isn’t working, then where do you need to take a step back and readjust your plans.

This is all about not getting stuck in a rut or a fixed way of doing life and realizing that there are alternate possibilities that exist but it means that you do need to approach then in a methodical way. The plan and the work is still important but it may need to be viewed with a different lens if you feel stuck.

For those of you that follow these discussions because you desire to live consciously, you may want to go deep with this full moon and ask yourself how you let all these thoughts and emotions you are having and maybe shiny object syndrome cause you to lose focus and power in life and actually end up overthinking yourself out of big steps in life and therefore staying stuck.

For you, if the opportunities are starting to open up, why aren’t you taking them?

Cause of self sabotage? Cause of fear of failure? Cause you are scared of what others think? Cause maybe you don’t think you are good enough or smart enough? Like you will never catch on or be able to do something?

This is your chance to evaluate how you are perhaps missing a big blessing because you are letting the mind run the show instead of your heart. This is a chance to reflect on where this crops up in your life and fix it or else it will block you from the opportunities I want to discuss with you right now.

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Now for the good stuff! The opportunities that will almost seem lucky.

If it has seemed hard for you to take success oriented action in life, this can make it seem easier. If you struggle with keeping your word to yourself or follow through this can feel like it kind of fades away. Especially if you are working on something that you feel passionate about.

If you have a good partner in your life, expect your relationship to benefit positively from the passion and dedication and attraction that results from this transit. If you aren’t and you can overcome the tendency to be fickle and make bad decisions in relationships based on your clouded emotions, this is a chance for you to approach love differently and open your eyes to the possibility that you want something more stable, more solid, and more dependable. You may get down on yourself for the bad choices you may have made in the past but I would say treat those as a learning experience of what not to do going forward.

If you know there is something or someone that you want… and you know that it would be something that you would be passionate about long term, go for it! Be assertive. It could work out well for you during this transit. Not aggressive… be assertive for what you know has your name on it.

If you are in a relationship where you know in your heart that it’s right for you, this could be a time to approach it with more maturity and understanding in order to overcome any issues. I like this energy because it will push you from the immature connections that you may tend to make in your relationships to wanting to create something more serious and something more lasting if you can overcome your limiting belief to want to be with someone for the sake of it.

If you aren’t in a relationship this is where you get to look at your relationship with yourself and others more objectively and find ways to heal what needs to be healed. This is a favorable time to work with a coach or counselor to help you ride this wave of success and make progress in your life in some way.

As you start to see that solutions do exist and that you can take action on your dreams, you will absolutely see that there is something more and better meant for you but the key is for you to be patient and flexible when things do come up and not throw in the towel and take steps in the direction that’s going to lead to success. Faith over belief.

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