How to achieve heart and mind coordination (coherence)

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4 min readFeb 8, 2021


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So, I thought I would create this article to break down heart and mind coordination discussion I had on Clubhouse the other day… I’m @yashicalind if you want to follow me there…a little further since it can be a difficult topic to grasp albeit an important one.

What is the connection between the heart and the mind?

One of the foundations of what I do involves melding Intuition with Intellect so when we think of heart and mind coordination, on an intellectual level understand that the heart and the mind are similar in that they have memory, help make decisions, etc. Also note, on a simplistic level, the heart and mind communicate very closely. The heart works via electrical impulses that control the heart beat. If the heart is beating optimally, other parts of the body work well… including the brain. When these things are working in sync, the body emits a high frequency/high energy/high vibe which facilitates your ability to generate power and attract what you want out of life.

Heart and mind coordination, when broken down, look a variety of ways depending on the person and the beliefs they subscribe to.

Should you follow your mind or your heart?

The important thing to recognize is that most of the time, the heart is where the true desires sit. It is where your soul lies and where your hopes and dreams arise. It’s the space that you tap into when you want to live in alignment with your soul’s desires. Usually, when you check in with your heart, you will see that it wants what’s best for you… better relationships, better circumstances, a better, more evolved life and then your mind is a tool that will help you think about what you need to connect to the things that get you closer to your dream… if you use it correctly

Because of our conditioning and past negative experiences, though, you may tend to minimize the voice of your heart or confuse it with impulses, instincts, and compulsions. As a side note, if you feel like you struggle to understand and connect to your intuition, this masterclass will break it all the way down for you.

You may also think that you are using your mind effectively as a tool… claiming that you are using logic… which is rare by the way because almost 80% of the actions/decisions you make are emotionally based whereas logic involves more objectivity where you draw conclusions based more on fact.

What usually occurs is that you make decisions based on emotions, impaired thinking or ineffective thinking, or via rationalizing a circumstance by trying to explain things from your limited thinking which may not always be true or appropriate. When you combine the fact that you may not have a healthy connection to your heart or to your mind, you can see “how heart and mind coordination” can go the opposite direction as well and push you further from the life that you desire.

Enhancing heart mind coordination

This highlights the importance of having a healthy connection of your heart and mind in order to help propel you towards your dreams. When the two are working together positively, then you are able to align with the energy that I believe miracles are made of… the alignment with a power much greater than your own… a power that is much more effective than your own limits.

This is the difference between you trying to change the world by your own force and power vs allowing the world to change to accommodate you.

One last thing that you can do if you struggle with heart and mind coordination or are confused with something is try this activity I read about once, but I can’t remember where I found it… I’m sorry, it’s been a while. I know it was a therapist though. He/she suggested that you sit in a chair and pretend that you are your heart and speak from your heart, then switch chairs and pretend you are your mind and speak from the mind. The voice of the two when you are pretending are going to sound very different. Usually, the heart will sound more like your intuition or your true values and while pretending to speak as your mind, you usually speak out of fear, or opinions, or limiting beliefs, or try to rationalize things.

This exercise usually will provide you with the clarity needed to understand which voice is your true self and begin to take steps in the direction of your highest and best good.

This is a powerful exercise and if you try it, I would love for you to comment below and let me know how it worked for you.

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