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You’re sitting in your car in the most annoying traffic jam ever. It’s bumper to bumper and it’s not moving at all! You start fumbling around with your music controls to try to find something that will make the commute less painful. Finally, you find a song that you know you have heard before and you have fallen in love with it again. It’s catchy, it’s upbeat, it’s your jam. But, there’s a problem, you can’t remember the name of it and the info is not coming up on your screen. You really want to know the name of the song so that you can add it to your playlist so it’s going to bug you to not know the name of it. The whole way home, all you can think about is trying to remember the name of the song to no avail.

Fast forward to later. You are home cooking some dinner and have finally been able to stop trying to figure out the name of the song. As you are stirring your spaghetti sauce in an almost meditative state, something suddenly hits you. The name of the song. A little voice pops up in your head and it gently but assertively tells you what the name of the song was.

We’ve all been there right?

What is the definition of intuition?

Your intuition works kind of the same way as the example I just provided you related to the song. It can be a subtle voice, or even a feeling, that pops up to give you important and helpful information that normally may not be able to be explained with logic or analytical reasoning.

Is intuition scientifically proven?

I spoke a lot about the science of intuition in this masterclass, but as I mentioned before, intuition sometimes defies logic and reasoning. There have been extensive and reputable studies that have proven that there is information outside of our conscious awareness that we have access to that has been proven to help us make better and faster decisions and do so confidently and with accuracy and precision. But…

Is intuition always right?

As I will discuss later in this article, because you may have an unhealthy connection with your intuition, you may not be in a place where you can rely on your intuition because you may mistake it for other things. This is why I will never be a proponent of “just listening to your intuition” like you here these other gurus tell you to do. It is irresponsible and assumes that you have a healthy connection to what your intuition really is before doing inner work. I always teach a mix of left and right brained techniques that will slowly shift you into trusting yourself more accurately in the long run, but integrating foundational knowledge until that occurs.

What’s an example of intuition?

There are many ways that your intuition may try to speak to you. Perhaps you may have had a feeling that something wasn’t quite right but you couldn’t put your finger on it. It could be related to a circumstance that you’ve been in or a person you meant that made you feel uneasy.

One way that I’ve felt my intuition is a sudden moment of clarity via an idea out of the blue. I’ve had this come up when good or bad things were about to happen but what I do know is the information that popped up would not go away until I made a decision that didn’t make sense at the time but once I made it, it was for my highest and best good.

Oftentimes in life, especially when things are leaving you stuck or blocking your progress, you can feel lost. You’ll try to grasp at anything… any piece of hope or information that you can find to get you unstuck. The problem is, you only end up feeling more confused and out of touch with yourself.

How do you know it’s your intuition?

This is one of the most popular questions I get about intuition and I even created a class all about intuition because so many people that come to me for help have no clue how to tap into their intuition, how to trust their intuition, and how to understand when it was their intuition speaking to them vs fear or intuition vs anxiety and more.

I often find that most people mistake their intuition for fear, anxiety, instinct, impulses, compulsions, and other things that result from the traumatic things that we go through in our life. Without doing deep work in this area it can be confusing to know the difference and one reason why you may feel this way is due to the fact that you may be disconnected from your own inner wisdom and guidance leaving you to feel alone and trapped in situations that can bring you down.

If this has gone on for a long time, you may not even realize that you even have an inner guidance system that can help you. Maybe you have never been taught about it, maybe you heard about it but fail to recognize how it works in YOUR life.

My best tip to help you with this is to check yourself. Are you in danger? If you aren’t and you feel fear or anxiety, chances are you probably aren’t tapping into your intuition. Your intuition doesn’t want you to feel fear and anxiety, it also doesn’t want you to be stuck in a bad situation. If your intuition (or what you think it is) is asking you to do things that improve you as a person or improve your behavior or a circumstance then even if you have to make brave decisions that make you nervous, then it is probably your intuition.

How do I sharpen my intuition?

Whenever you need to, you have an inner voice that mimics the example I have given you about the song and is a clue to what it may feel like when your inner guidance is trying to help you on your path. The example that I shared with you about the song is important to you if you have ever felt out of touch with yourself because it serves as a clue to tell you how this voice really sounds in your life. It may have evaded you in the past. You may have never paid attention to it. Or maybe your fears, anxieties, or your ego and thoughts may have blocked it’s true nature.

A simple reminder for you is that this inner voice you seek, it’s not something you have to force, like trying to remember that song. It is a voice that is assured and matter of fact. It comes through when you are least likely to expect it but what it has to say is quiet and has the exact information that you need or may have been looking for.

You can sharpen your intuition quickly by actually acting on most of the things that this feeling or voice tells you to do, within reason. For instance, begin with asking yourself easy things and when the guidance pops up, don’t question it, act on it. The more that you seek guidance on all things big and small and ACT ON IT, the sharper your intuition will become.

Can intuition be trained?

One exercise to help you train your intuition that I use with a lot of my clients is to imagine that whatever feeling or voice you think is your intuition… pretend like that voice is coming from your guardian angel or your most trusted mentor. Does it make sense then? When you do this, kinda like I spoke about in this article, you will start to recognize that the voice that is your intuition and makes sense when you try this exercise FEELS different vs the times when you think it’s your intuition and it’s not.

When you are trying to tune into your inner guidance… your intuition, I want you to remember how it sounds when you finally remembered the name of that song. That is how your inner guidance may sound to you. Over time, when you honor this voice, that may at first seem quiet, it will become louder. The more you trust and obey it the more it will be there to help you. It will tell you the best outcome for ALL involved so there is no need to fear it.

You listen to it, trust it, act on it, and then a funny thing happens. You find that on the day-to-day it will get louder, and you will notice it more and more. It becomes effortless to be connected to yourself no matter what is going on in your life. You don’t have to feel lost ever again.

You deserve a life connected to your true self and have something that you can count on to always lead you towards your heart’s purpose. If that connection is currently missing in your life, I hope that this metaphor helps you begin to tap into your inner guidance. Trust what I say and give it a try and prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

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