New Moon in Aquarius February 2021 Predictions

Yashica's Intuition
5 min readFeb 11, 2021


I love this new moon because it helps you how to slow down, be more intentional, and be more deliberate. It is good for love and money, which is perfect for this upcoming Valentine’s day. This is a welcomed positive energy if you know how to use it correctly (text the word MASTERY to 833–231–4407 to learn how to manifest with the moon). The caveat is that it doesn’t come without challenges. Read on to learn more about how this New Moon in Aquarius will impact you and join me for a discussion on Clubhouse on 2/11 at 6p PST. I’m @yashicalind over there.

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Right of the bat, I see great energy because I think that even if you may have been feeling like an emotional rollercoaster or super reactionary, this is a time where you are able to communicate your thoughts and feelings more easily which opens the door for you to express yourself in a way that is conducive to relationships and at the same time will help facilitate your own healing.

All those downloads and intuitive insights can make a little more sense right now, even though they could also be triggering for more emotional reactions. Still beware of knowing the difference between true intuitive insight and things that are more emotional like instinct or ineffective thinking.

The heart and mind coordination that I’ve been teaching you about the past few days is more easily accessible right now as well as that intuitive insight that I mentioned in the Mercury Retrograde discussion. This is partly due to a connection that has opened between your mind and your subconscious. This channel can also bring up deep seated shadow issues… things that you may not have been aware of previously, that come to the surface, but this is for the purposes of greater self-awareness and greater healing.

The Sun is making angles that play well with a couple of planets which lends itself to increased mental alertness. Since the majority of us are used to living life from our mental headspace, the main concern that I have here is that you will definitely need to make sure to use the mind as a tool rather than use it as a controller to run the show.

For example, if your heart and intuition are telling you that you are in a toxic relationship, you don’t use your mind to rationalize staying… think of it like a guardian angel…. Does that angel want you to be in a situation where you are disrespected? Probably not. So when I say use your mind as a tool, your heart may be helping to guide you to make tough but necessary decisions and when you are using your mind in a healthy way, it can help you think about ways that you can leave the toxic relationship or next steps to get out of a toxic situation… not rationalize you staying… which is they way that you may tend to use your mind even if it’s not the best for you.

Those of you prone to living in your head, take care that the transits I see can heighten this.

This is a good time to learn new things, to write, and to possibly address things that you may have had issues addressing in the past.

A lot of this Aquarian energy that is not playing well with Mars right now. It is calling you to relieve a challenge or some possible tension in your life in some way by acting of some sort. With this new moon, I see irritation, passion, and anger. I think that some things that are building up inside of you may have not been dealt with appropriately. Maybe you hold things back or haven’t been able to communicate or understand things clearly, or maybe you just are unaware of some things in your life that need more attention. These transits are giving you the opportunity to channel this energy in a way that will allow a healthy release if done in an objective, mature, open minded way. You may feel this as a challenge but think about the opportunity that is available to you as well.

You can also release this information via physical activity of some sort if you don’t overdo it.

One thing that you will also need to be aware of is communicating more slowly and less impulsively and give yourself time to process and understand information outside of your feelings as there may be more to the data, messages, or information that you initially take in.

While there are some positive aspects of this energy when it comes to loving communication and favorable financial transactions, take care to realize that we are in a retrograde so adjust accordingly.

As you move thru some of the challenges I mentioned, there is this injection of + information. I feel like there is an heir of lightness and optimism that comes with this moon. If things have been feeling a little dark, there may feel like there is a little light at the end of the tunnel.

There is also an ease and flow with this energy that you may not have felt in a while so take care to tap into a mindset of abundance and set your sights on your intentions. If the things that you desire require the assistance of other, this is the time to put yourself out there. You are very attractive right now.

As I have mentioned ad nauseum in the past, the energy between Saturn and Uranus is still present which is causing tensions that result in lasting changes. If you understand how to live from the inside out, you understand that your core and your security comes from within. From that space, you understand that you need to be agile and adaptable. You need to pay attention. You need to understand that if things are coming up or you feel blocked about creating that you want, just make sure you have a plan and from that space do the work. Trust that you are moving in the right direction if you are doing the work but don’t be afraid to tweak or add new things to your skillset if you feel unsure or your life is showing you evidence that things aren’t at least heading in the direction you would like. Have a big vision, brainstorm the plan to get to the vision, and take baby steps forward.

There you have it, some positive energy that you can use for your highest and best good is building. If you want to take a class that teaches you specifically how to manifest with new moons and full moons, take my FREE class, Manifesting with the Moon.